Every day we see people hiding their true feelings and living to fit in with external demands. People bury what really matters to them, their deepest values in exchange for meeting the expectations of others, to be accepted and to feel superior in some way. So they miss the core of life: creating authentic and true connections.

The world is full of unhappy people because of the lack of sincerity in their daily interaction.


If we acknowledge our weaknesses, the strenght of sincerity emerges and it is precisely this force that drives us toa a frank and honest connection with the people around us. The peace of mind that we so much seek comes from these healtht interactions. We do not develop our personal growth alone, only with ourselves, it occurs in the development os intelligent and emotional maturity to deal with situations involving relationships with those around us. And it is the quality of these relationships that dictate our happiness, for there is little contentement in solitude. Well-being is only true when we develop the habit of putting ourselves in the other's shoes and connecting meaningfully with them, donating the best feelings that are already inside of us, which are asleep by a lack of understanding of who we really are and the wonderful potentialities that we carry and we can give to the world.

The richest, the most elegant thing about a person, in my undestanding, is his or her honest laugh or, a quiet, tru thing which is shared unflinchingly or even, a moment when the person is completely at ease, with no porturing, no pretense, just with genuine basic goodness. If we want to be elegant to others, it starts by being vulnerable, by being real!"


Artigo de Sónia Gomes, Sócia-fundadora do Spaso Zen, em http://levekunst.com/about-vulnerability/ 

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