In FICTION by Sonia Gomes 20/09/2017


When we look at our situation, we recognize that we desire happiness, peace and joy. We want to solve our difficulties. This is natural! This is human nature.

However, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we will realize that we keep looking for happiness in the wrong places… We continue looking for the wrong things… We place our trust in things that we only understand temporarily… We are always searching for something that we think that will heal us… We consider that we need one more condition, just one more thing…to be completely content.


No matter what we do, how or where we do it, we will not experience happiness if we are not in that particular state of mind. We must choose to be happy, no matter our conditions or what happens to us. Have you ever wondered why sometimes in a very bad situation, we can be well and in other times, even in perfect times, we find ourselves in a state of emotional boredom or stress?

Happiness is a journey. It is not a destiny or anything to be acquired or learned, it is something internal.


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