When I started to be fond of Buddhism, one of my first questions to a teacher was about emotions. In my mistaken view, Buddhists were people who had subjugated all their conflicts, and so they lived continually in a state of equilibrium, which, for me, made them unshakable, but also somewhat insensitive. If I practiced Buddhism, would I become a person in total self-control, cold and without emotions? Would emotions prevent my spiritual development? If that were so, I thought it would be totally impossible to follow this path, for I recognize that I am a highly emotional person and vulnerable to the external influences of time, people, the environment and especially sounds. On the other hand, I have always known that it is precisely my sensitivity that makes my spiritual development possible. My teacher kindly replied, “There is nothing wrong with being emotional. Through Buddhism, you will learn to follow positive emotions and leave negative ones.”

Positive emotions give us a broader perspective of situations, that is, they give us clarity and confidence in our purposes: where we are and where we want to go. They bring us the sense of happiness, for the meaning of life becomes energetically present. Negative emotions leave us disbelieving and confused about our goals. When we lose the meaning of life, we feel deep sadness. Like faith and compassion, positive emotions are mental virtues: accumulated positive energy. They revitalize us, arouse determination and interest in gaining new knowledge and renewing our attitudes: a sincere desire to change for the better.


So, Buddhism helps us to develop self-awareness, that is, the ability to identify a feeling when it arises, and the ability to discern constructive emotions from destructive ones.


Ver artigo completo de Sónia Gomes, Sócia-fundadora do Spaso Zen, em http://levekunst.com/without-emotion-there-is-no-way-to-put-things-into-effect/.

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