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Acupuncture is a technique thatuses the natural capacity of the human body to return to normality

Acupuncture is a tradicional chinese medicine theraupeutic method and is a millenial technique that uses the natural capacity of the body to return to normality. It has as a main objective the correction of the energetic unbalances in way to to re-establish the normal flow of energy, eliminating naturally the symptoms.

In accordance with tradicional chinese medicine, vital energy "QI", flows by subcutaneous energy channels that connect to the organs, called meridians, that show specific points that when stimulated  can influence and balance the vital energy; when there is unbalance and/or balance of the flow of "QI" disease shows.

The stimulation of specific points in the body, in the meridians, promotes the self healing and self regulation mechanisms in the organism (homeostasis). these mechanisms are stimulated by the action of ultra fine needles over the nervous branches, or the more fine nervous aglomerates interfering in the mental and physical activities of teh individual, promoting the well-being and the adjustment of its organic and physiological functions.

One session of acupuncture can take on average 30 and 40 minutes where it can associate other techniques like: Moxibustion, electrostimulation and in the aplication of a local heat via an infra red lamp. 

In general the first appointment takes about 60 minutes.


Dr Pedro Pinto

Radiologist the radiology and intervention service of S. João Hospital since 1997 

Radiologist in the areas of general radiology, dental, digestive, computorized tomografy and magnetic ressonance of the Dr. Krug Noronha office since 1998

Docente das aulas práticas de radiologia de intervenção na Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde do Porto desde 1998

Teacher in practical classes in intervention radiology to the students of cardiopneumology of CESPU in S. João Hospital 2002-2003

Presentation in works in congresses about themes related with intervention radiology

Implementation and in development of the cefalometric vertent and implantology in dental radiology in 2004

1st consultation (Diagnosis + Treatment): 40 Euros (Duration: 90 minutos)
Follow up consultations: 30 Euros (Duration: 60 minutos).

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