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This back massage aliviates greatly the effects of stresss through out the body, increasing physical and psicologycal well-being. Today, most specialists recognise the benifits of therapeutic massage and recomend massages as the best way of managing and aliviating sharp or chronic pain. A good back massage won't just leave the area energized and relaxed but the well -being of the entire body will be improved.

The benefits of the therapeutic massage with hot stones includes: 

Aumento da circulação sanguínea local devido ao calor das pedras; Increased local blood flow due to the heat of the stones;

Deep relaxation because the heat reaches the deepest musculature fibers;

Increased lynphatic drainage;

Muscle pain relief;

Diminished stress and blood tension; 

Increased wellbeing.

Duration: 40 minutes

Individual Session: 40 Euros

Promotional Pack of 4 Localized Massages + Hot Stones : 130€

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Back Massage

Back Massage + Hot Stones

40 €
VAT included
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