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Chinese therapeutic gymnastics
Qigong (reads chi kung), means "cultivate internal energy"; qi (energy) and gong (work). is a millenial therapeutic art, having as a base tranicional chinese medicine. is one of the oldest methods capable of directing the flow of energy and cultivating it.


By keeping the two forces of nature balanced, yin and yang, prevents and fights diseases like depression, hypertension, pain, alergies and ansiety.

Activates the flow of energy along the energy channels and because of that, it strenghtens the internal organs, maintaining the health and vigor of body and mind.

Controls stress and increases longevity, promoting a more balanced and relaxed approach.

Improves concentration and memory, due to a better kidney performance, that increases the production of bone marrow. 

For Who
For all ages

Professor: Nanni Pinto

classes Thursdays from 11h to 12.00h

Monthy payments: 45 Euros - 1 aula per week or 50 Euros - 2 classes per week


Information and enrolments: 


Chi Kung

45 €
VAT included
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