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13th de June 2020 by 16h

In 2014, I began to travel to the south of Asia, starting by India and Nepal. An intense feeling of seeking ancestry took me to travel the borders of my being to never again let go the will and the pleasure of working for the good of humanity, and in particular, of asian women.

These social gatherings aim to share all these journeys since 2014 tio today, as well as enabling in everyone, the will of going beyond and believe that, in fact, we can change the world. It only takes changing ourselves and believe that our determination and infinite kindness, are superior to any conditioning.

A set of travels that impacted and changed my life, and that I share with you all! 

These social gatherings are by donation, that will revert in favor of the NGO I founded and is supported by Spaso Zen - A LOTUS HEART , and of NEPAL BUDDHIST MEDITATION AND EDUCATION CENTRE , which I am an international advisor and that spaso Zen also supports, through Grupo de Estudos de Introdução ao Budismo.


Speaker: Sónia Gomes

Enrolments:  or 912620332 ou 226099723


Cicle of social gatherings - Life is a journey...

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