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Psicology, as a science that studies and comprehending the mental processes and human behavior, has as a focus the person, their balance 

and their proper development.

Clinical psicology, in particular, incides in the promotion of mental health as in the intervention of psicopathology.  And is witness to a predominance in the perspective of "what to do in face of the problem" in detriment of a preventative logic of "what to do to avoid". The psicotherapeutic intervention, by means of psichological consultation, it aims for self knowledge, promotion of well-being, and psycological development, the expression and emocional regulation, the aquisition of more adaptive behaviors, the development of a sence of personal autonomy and agency, constructive management of conflicts, choice clarification, the integration of experiences in life, among many others.

Psychotherapy is destined to all and any individual, independentely of the moment of the vital cicle, not being perceived as a sign of weakness to ask for help.

To negate a hardship can be the first step to intensify it. To meet one self more and better is the path to resolve it and allow yourself to be happy. 

To seek psicological intervention is, in fact, to guarantee a capable space to acomodate your idiosyncrasies, free from judgements, in which you can grow, develop your personal resources, and establish an emotional and physical well being.

Clinical psycology consutations

- Anxiety disturbances (ex., generalized anxiety; panic with or withour agoraphobia; specific phobias; specific phobias; social anxiety; obcessive-compulssive; post-traumatic stress

- Humor disturbances (ex., depression; bipolarity)

- Personality disorders

- Sexual disfunction

- Mourning

- Dificulties in personal relatioships

- Spousal conflict | Separation | Divorce

- Professional instability

- Dependancy and addiction

- Food disturbances

- Sleep disturbances

- Body relationship

- Health (ex., Pain/Chronic illness)

- Self knowledge and personal development 

Dra Fernanda Leitão 


Psychology Consultations

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