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Food always constituted a source of interest for Man, going beyond it's biological function, nourishing the body, mind and spirit. In health food always were seen as a medicine capable of modulating e be the path for more health and vitality.

In Spsso Zens nutrition consultation, we apply tools , like functional nutrition, iridology and floral therapy, which allows us to obtain a integral vision and unique in each patient, integrating their physiological, emotional and social components. We don't count just calories but we adapt the foods and the nutrients that balance their organic functions, obtaining  a personilized prescription. 

Integrated in the set of Spaso Zen services, we provide a holistic and integral follow-up for vitality and well-being.

Our main areas of acting are:

- Equilíbrio do peso corporal e reeducação alimentarBalance of body weight and eating reeducation

- Women's health - fertility, preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy and post-birth follow-up , menopause.

- Child diet - eating transition and reeducation.

- Nutrition in sports
-control and improvement of pathology symptoms like cardiovascular disease,diabetes, intestinal inflamatory disease and cancer.


Iridology - The iridologic exam constitues a painless and non-invasive technique, that allows to identify organic fragilities and organ systems that need to restore balance.

Functional and personalized nutrition - diagnosis and personilization of nutricional therapy based in the bioquemical individuality.

Floral therapy uses floral essences that promote emotional and the transformation and evolution of the individual, Bring harmony and greater capacity in facing the hardships of day to day life. 

Destined to all age groups, no warnings or health warnings. Can be applied  in an isolated manner or as a complement to othe therapies.

Nutrishoping - reorganization of your pantry and aquisition of your food where will learn to select food based on the nutritional label.

Dra Graça Cruz 

Licenced in nutricion sciences by the College of nutritional sciences of the university of Porto and in the order of nutritionists(number 1809N), works as clinical nutritionistsince 2009. Licenced in pharmacy and with complementary training fitotherapy, active cellular nutrition, floral therapy and iridology.


Nutrition Consultations

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