More information LEVEL 1 - SHODEN - JUNE 22, 2019


Definition of Reiki
Principles - Practice of the 5 Principles
Application - Aspects to take into account
Theory of Chakras
Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Treatments - General Aspects;
Introduction to Meditation
Hatsurei-ho; Kenyoku; Gassho;
Joshin Kokyuu-ho;
Ryoho Shishon
Positions for Self-Reiki: Practice Applications to Others -Positions
Ethical and deontological principles
Reiki and Medicine

Investment: € 130

LEVEL 2 - OKUDEN - To be announced
(Note: If you did not take the 1st level with us, you must provide proof of it)

The Symbols - What they are and what they are for.
Techniques in Reiki Level II Therapy - Procedures
The bioenergetic field
Emotional treatment
Other situations (feeding)
Sending Reiki Away
Guide to Reiki treatments according to the Traditional Usui Method - hand application and Reiki techniques in different clinical pathologies
Investment: € 170 (+ VAT at the legal rate in force)
Duration: 2 sessions (12 hours)



Sónia Gomes (APR 000132PT and BRM-12-080 ICRP - International Center Of Reiki Professionals)

She has been a Reiki Therapist since 2000 and has been practicing Meditation since 2003. He has a Masters in Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, Essential Reiki and Karuna Reiki® by the International Association of Reiki Professionals. He does research in the area of ​​Reiki allied to medicine (with a special focus on mental health), to increase the credibility of practice, teaching and diffusion of Reiki in Portugal.

To know the work of the trainer Sónia Gomes, click on the videos below:

Sónia Gomes - Complementary Therapies and Conventional Medicine - Civil Society Program - July 2013

Sónia Gomes - Reiki as complementary therapy - Catholic University of Porto, Faculty of Biotechnology

Sónia Gomes - The Importance of Reiki and Positive Thinking

Sónia Gomes - What is Reiki - Porto Canal in the program "Grandes Manhãs"

Sónia Gomes - Reiki and anxiety - Porto Canal in the program "Grandes Manhãs"

Implementation of Reiki Therapy - Study of Hospital São João - Nurse Zilda Alarcão and Sónia Gomes in Porto Canal


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Curso Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

130 €
VAT included
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