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Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage technique developed by the Danish physician Emil Vodder in 1932, whose aim is to stimulate the lymphatic system to work at a faster pace, bringing the lymph to the lymph nodes. Excess liquids and toxins are eliminated by this process. The applied movements consist of light, soft, rhythmic and precise pressures, in a circular and spiral form, always towards the lymph nodes. Without any type of cream and without pain.

Ideal for those with signs of fluid retention, manual lymphatic drainage is a massage with very smooth and precise movements that help to expel fats and toxins. In practice, this type of massage helps to decongest the lymphatic vessels, activate the immune system and promote detoxification of the body.

It activates the circulatory system, reduces the feeling of "tired legs". Massage based on rhythmic and very gentle gestures on the lymphatic system. Eliminates toxins, combats fluid retention and cellulite.

It is, however, contraindicated in people with impaired renal function, inflammation and varicose veins.

Duration: 30 minutes/ 25€

Duration: 60 minutes/ 40€



Lymphatic Drainage

25 €
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