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Skin cleaning with ultrasonic peeling is a system of cutaneous deep regeneration that rejuvenates the skin of the face.

Ultrasonic peeling provides a deep higienization of the skin, removal of dead cells and iononization of active principles.

It's a very superficial peeling, totally painless and it doesn't damage the skin cells.

Ultrasonic peeling helps in the removalof impurities and dead skin cells, improving skin hydration. Increases the permeability of the skin cells, allowing the absorption of theraupeutic substances and activating local micro-circulation. besides these effects, it helps with the drainage and tissue detoxification, helps cutaneous tonus and leaves the skin prepared for other cosmetic procedures.

Duration : 60 Minutes

PROMOTION : pack 3 Ultrasonic Peeling  - 120 Euros

Skin Cleasing

Skin cleaning with Ultrasonic Peeling

50 €
VAT included
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