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Cavitation is the latest non - surgical treatment to eliminate fat. It is the alternative to plastic surgeries. A treatment without pain, without surgery, without anesthesia and without needles. With cavitation it not only eliminates fat, but also loses inches and reshapes the silhouette. From the first session the results are visible.

Through convergent ultrasound technology, the cavitational effect that destroys the fat can be reached by breaking the membranes of the adipocytes with implosion of the same and release in the chain of diglycerides that are going to be eliminated by the organism.


It is not invasive, it acts in the regions of local accumulations of fat. Results can reach up to 2cm from the third session. It has a duration of 30 minutes. A minimum of 72 hours should be expected between the two sessions. It improves blood circulation, lymphatic, eliminates toxins, regulates intestinal transit.

We recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 sessions.

With Radiofrequency it can reaffirm the tissues of the skin stimulating the collagen and in this way reshape the body after the loss of localized fat.

This treatment should be done with the regular practice of physical exercise and balanced diet.

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Lipo Cavitation + Pressotherapy

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