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Pressotherapy is a theraupeutic method that ensures diverse results. it activates the blood flow system, stimulating liphatic drainage through filtering organic mechanisms.

This treatment stimulates and tones the muscles, acelerates the metabolism and drainage of the linph. 

This treatment consists in a compression massage properly controled, that uses inflating pump. It's achieved through a system of mechanical compression and decompression, controlled by a computer, in wich are attached the separate chambers, that are wrapped around the members, and fill up for the treatment. this chambers help to benefit and increase the linphatic venous blood flow, diminishing liquid retention.

What are the benefits?

Besides of reducing the inflammation and edema, it accelerates healing and improves the body flow of oxigen.

* Improvement of the blood and linphatic flow

* Diminishment of varicose veins

* Improvement of tired legs

* reduction in liquid retention

* Redução do edema, ou seja, do inchaço dos tecidos Reduction of edema, or in other words, the swelling of the tissues

* Toxin elimination

* Eliminação de gordura localizada Localized fat elimination

* Body tonus

* Helps eliminate fat and cellulite

* Redifine the body contours

* Reduction of weight and volume

Zones : Legs, arms, torso

Precautions :

Pressotheraphy is not indicated in cases of fever, infection or wounds, big varicose veins, arrhythmia , tingling sensation in an area, stroke, people that use medical mechanical devices.

Price por session : 30 Euros (30 to 50 minutes)
Pack 5 sessions : 125 Euros

 *There are combined packs with this theraphy that deliver excellent results

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30 €
VAT included
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