More information Radiofrequency is a aesthetic treatment that fights the flacciditty of the body and is very effective in eliminating localized fat and celulite. the technique is quite safe and has longlasting results.

Our device used in the procedure elevates the temperature of the skin and muscles to approximately 36 to 42 degrees Celcius, so that there is production of collagen and that this fills the skin inside out, leaving it firmer and healthier.

Some benefits of the treatment:

- Body radiofrequeny is a totally safe technique. 

- Não existe o risco de manchas na pele e pode ser realizada em qualquer época do ano. There is no risk of skin spotting and can be done in each time of the year.

- O processo não é incômodo e é totalmente livre de dores. The process is free from pain and setbacks.

- It is possible that our clients will feel a difference on the skin after the first session, and the procedure doesn't involve any recuperation time.

- The improvement in the elasticity of the skin is incredible. Besides, the technique allows a great improvement in the body's contour and the aspect of the celulite.


One zone (30 minutes) - 50 Euros  

Two Zones ( 60 minutes) - 75 Euros 


For 5 sessions Packs :

Pack 5 sessions 1 zone - 200 Euros

Pack 5 sessions 2 zones - 375Euros 

Body Treatments


50 €
VAT included
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