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Feet, that connect us to the earth, are a microcosmos of the body - all the parts of the body are reflected on the feet, in specific points and zones studied by reflexology.
Podal reflexology is th millenial art of detecting, treating and prevent unbalances in the organism through observating and stimulating the reflex area on the feet.
The human body is a magnificent machine that has the capacity of self-healing; reflexology, as a holistic and complenentary therapy, activates the healing potencialities of the organism, re-establishing the balance and contributing to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
One of the most important and imediate benefits of reflexology is the diminishment of stress through relaxation, being the starting point to the treatment of eventual pathologies.
a relaxed body works better and is easier to self regenerate and revitalize it self. 

Do you want to relax? Do you want to treat a pathology? Do you want to better communicate with your body and develop your self healing abilities?
Make a reflexology appointment with us, experiment and feel!


Therapist : Raquel Dora Pinho
Professional podal reflexology course in IMT. 
Frequents the course of auriculotherapy in IMT an painting course in FBAUP, volunteer in Casa acreditar, Axial cure course, level 1 of reiki usui shiki ryoho.
 Professional course in photograpy. frequency in image design masters (FBAUP). Masters in Urbal and enviromental regeneration (FA-UTL).
Graduate in Regional and urban planning 
Frequenta o Curso de Auriculoterapia no IMT e Curso de Pintura (formação contínua) na FBAUP. Voluntária na Casa Acreditar. Curso de Cura Axial. Nível 1 de Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho. 

Podal Reflexology

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