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Reiki is a  fascinating natural system of harmonizing and energy reposition. The Reiki method is a therapy that allows us more quality of life, health and much peace of spirit.

Reiki is a technique that results in imposition of the hands in zones of the body where is advised to all those who seek harmony and inner traquility.

Medicine, the science before the observable evidence and results of reiki began to show in more consistant manner and started to study its effects, and even if it isn't possible to measure all of them, the ones that are biologically measurable, they are possible to study and thats what has been happening.

In this article there is the statement of some of the results of Reiki, as studied: alteration in the hemoglobine and the white blood cells and the diminishing of anxiety levels. Is shared also the perpective of a more energetic medicine as a present and future alternative. 

Neste artigo fica a constatação de alguns dos resultados do Reiki, já estudados: alterações nos níveis de hemoglobina e dos hematócritos e diminuição dos níveis de ansiedade. É partilhada também a perspectiva de uma medicina mais "energética" como uma realidade presente e futura.

Duration: 60 a 90 minutos

Price: 1st session : 40 Euros

NExt sessions: 30 Euros

To know more about Reiki theraaphy, click the videos below:

Sónia Gomes - Terapias Complementares e Medicina Convencional - Programa Sociedade Cívil - Julho 2013

Sónia Gomes - O reiki como terapia complementar - Universidade Católica do Porto, Faculdade de Biotecnologia



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