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The practice of Yin Yoga difers from other practices by showing a passive and silent characteristic that stimulates self- observation and instrospection.
Yin Yoga is based in the Taoist concept of yin and yang, opposite yet complementary forces that can characterise a non-phenomenon. The Yin can be described as stable, imbovable, feminine, passive, cold and down movement. The yeang is described as change, mobile, masculine, active, warm and up movement. In nature, a mountain could be described as the yin, the ocean as the yang. Inside the body, the relatively hard connective tissue (tendons, joints, fascias) is yin, as the flexible moveable muscles and blood are yang. Applied to yoga, a passive practice is yin, as most practices today of Hatha yoga is yang, actively connect the muscles and warm the body. 
In Yin Yoga, we spend most of the time sitting down, lying on our backs or in flexing e we remain in those postures with the muscles relaxed for long periods of time. The theory behind this aproach is that staying with the muscles in a passive manner for long period of time softly elongates the connective tissue, that hardens and becomes unmoveable with age. The focus of the asanas is primarily in the lower part of the back and hips, because of the abundance of the dense connective tissue around the joints that require special care and attention.

Professor: Sónia Gomes  

Certified Member of the Yoga Alliance nº 156728 


Classes will start in June 2021

Classes on Wednesday from 19.00h to 20.00h

Monthly payment : 40 Euros (1x/week)

Single class: 15 Euros

5 classes Pack: 60 Euros

10 Classes Pack: 100 Euros



Yin Yoga

45 €
VAT included
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